The project team collected input from stakeholders and the public throughout the Residential Infill Project to inform the draft proposal. Members of the public were invited to sign up for the project mailing list and were kept informed of project progress and opportunities for involvement.

Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC)

A Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) was established to advise project staff on issues related to the project and participate in the development of these draft proposals. Twenty-six SAC members were appointed by Mayor Charlie Hales to represent those who live in the neighborhoods (i.e. homeowners and renters), those involved in construction or selling of houses (i.e. builders, architects and realtors) and those representing interests such as housing equity, historic preservation, seniors and sustainability. Members were chosen to ensure the committee provided a balance of age, gender and geographic distribution. 

The SAC is an advisory group and was not expected to come to a consensus. Committee members shared their advice, insight and expertise and provided project updates to their diverse group of networks and organizations. In addition to 14 meetings between September 2015 and June 2016, SAC members also participated in neighborhood walks (October and November 2015) and an all-day charrette (January 2016).

All SAC meetings were open to the public and included time for public comment (view the final report here).

Online public outreach survey

More than 7,200 people shared their thoughts about residential infill challenges and benefits in an online survey between December 9, 2015 and January 12, 2016. Staff used the results to help identify key community values and target additional outreach efforts to reach people not well represented in the survey. The survey report is available on the project website.

The Stakeholder Advisory Committee at one of their meetings.

The SAC met a total of 15 times to discuss Residential Infill Project topics and provide input.

Download the Residential Infill Project draft proposal booklet.